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If you are an author, an aspiring author, or an indie author, I am more than willing to provide any of the following services:

  • Proofreading

  • Alpha & Beta Reading

  • ARC Reviews

**Please note that I will need ample time to do so.


If you are interested, please contact me via any of the following, and we can discuss further details.

Please include the following:

  • Title of your manuscript

  • Genre

  • Word count (and preferably page count too)

  • Service(s) and/or packages requested

  • Deadline, if applicable




Proofreading is pretty much self–explanatory.  I will go through your work, checking for grammatical errors and inconsistencies (of the grammatical sense).  I'll also leave feedback on how to increase readability.  Additionally, I'll evaluate your writing based on its intended meaning, and whether or not it was conveyed as intended.  In its truest sense, proofreading is purely based on grammar and readability, NOT content.

To do so, I require a draft of your manuscript, either physical or e–copy.  The cost of this varies based on manuscript length.  Note that no review will be posted, as only grammar and not content is being evaluated.  Feedback will be direct to author.

Beta reading is simply reading a polished manuscript before it is printed or published; alpha reading is the same but with an early draft.  As a beta reader, I will evaluate your work based on content.  I'll be looking primarily for plot holes and inconsistencies (of plot or character arcs).  Additionally, I will leave feedback on your world building, character development, use of tropes, and general execution.  I'll also evaluate your prose and pacing, purely from a reader's lens, NOT an editor's.  As such, it will not be an in–depth evaluation of grammar, but rather an evaluation on readability.

To do so, I require a draft of your manuscript, either physical or e–copy.  ​The cost of this varies based on manuscript length.  Note that a review may be posted at request for no additional cost.  Feedback will be direct to author.



ARC stands for "Advanced Readers Copy."  Similar to beta reading, I will read and evaluate your manuscript based on content.  The main difference is that ARCs are the final step before publishing, whereas beta reading typically occurs during the editing process.  The main difference between beta reading and ARC reviews for me is I'll only take a surface glance at your prose and pacing, but purely from a reader's lens, NOT an editor's.  As such, I'll just be evaluating readability.

To do so, you must first read and agree to my Review Request Policy.  Afterward, I require an ARC, either physical or e–copy (sometimes called a DRC).  ​The cost of this is free.  Reviews will be posted to Goodreads and on my blog.  Reviews can be posted on Amazon at request for no additional charge.  No direct feedback will be given.

For authors looking to bundle services, I am willing to do so at a discounted.  Packages can be customized to fit the author's unique needs.  To form a package yourself, choose two (2) or three (3) services.  If you need a specific package customized, such that it does not fit into one of the services (i.e. "à la carte"), that can also be done for no additional fee.

To do so, I require a draft of your manuscript and/or an ARC, either physical or e–copy.  ​The cost of this varies by services included in each package.  À la carte packages are priced at an individual service–by–service cost.  Reviews and direct feedback varies based on packages.

For more about the differences between proofreading and beta reading, check out this article by Mythcreants.  For more about the differences between alpha and beta reading, check out this article by IngramSpark.


Here is an estimate on my prices.  Please note that there may be some variations based on genre and/or page count.  If your manuscript and/or ARC is more than 180,000 words, please reach out for more details and pricing.


Up to 50,000 Words: $250

50,001 – 80,000 Words: $400

80,001 – 110,000 Words: $750

110,001 – 140,000 Words: $900

140,001 – 160,000 Words: $1,250

160,001 – 180,000 Words: $1,500

180,001+ Words:  at request


Up to 50,000 Words: $175

50,001 – 80,000 Words: $350

80,001 – 110,000 Words: $700

110,001 – 140,000 Words: $875

140,001 – 160,000 Words: $1,225

160,001 – 180,000 Words: $1,475

180,001+ Words:  at request


Up to 180,000 Words: FREE

180,001+ Words:  at request

**Pricing subject to change


While I do not offer discounts often, I am more than willing to offer discounts to select persons.  Discounts may vary from 1% up to a full discount!  Please note that you are NOT entitled to a discount.  I reserve the full right to offer discounts to whomever I choose.  Ask if you are eligible!

**Note:  If I previously offered any of these services to you, you may be eligible for a significant discount.

I want you to be happy with your manuscript, and I want you to be happy with the work I am providing.  So if at any time, you feel as though I am not doing my job in providing a service, please reach out, and we'll discuss how I could better serve you.  However, please do understand that, as a college student, I have limited time, so some things truly aren't feasible for me.

If after discussing, we both feel that I am no longer able to best serve you, then I will offer you some of your money back, up to a 90% refund.  Please note though that I will be keeping a portion of money proportional to the work I had completed.



As a way to show my committment to your satisfaction, I am offering a free option for any of the above paid services.  This option is available for only NEW clients.  If you have previously worked with me before, this free option is not available to you.  If this causes a problem, please reach out.


  • I will read the first 3 chapters or first ~35 pages (whichever one is more) of your book and provide corresponding feedback.

  • If you like the service(s) I offer, then we can talk details on pricing, etc.  If you are dissatisfied, you still get to keep all of the feedback.

What's the catch?  There is none!  That's how committed I am to customer satisfaction.  All I ask is that if you are dissatisfied, you give me some construction criticism as to how I can improve.



At this point, I have no "formal" experience.  However, that does not mean I am inept at any of these services.  In terms of proofreading, I have a strong grasp on the English language and can easily spot grammatical errors.


In terms of beta reading and writing ARC reviews, I tend to read with an optimistic outlook, but I can also easily analyze a book and its contents.  If you'd like to review past reviews I've written, I encourage you to look at some of my reviews on Goodreads, specifically reviews of books I have received to review.

If you are curious, you are welcome to take advantage of my "free trial" to see if I am the best fit for you and your book.  Please contact me with any questions and to get started!


Generally, I can read a 300–page book within 1.5 weeks.  However, proofreading and beta reading will take significantly longer.  As I am still a college student, this timeline is further pushed back.

Thus, you can likely expect a manuscript to take, at minimum, one month.  If you contact me with details on your book, I can give you a better estimate.


I read (almost) all genres, but I tend toward YA fantasy.  I will read most MG (middle grade) novels, pretty much anything YA (young adult), and some Adult novels.  Other genres I typically read include fiction, fantasy, sci–fi fantasy, mysteries and thrillers, and some select romances (I do not read harem/reverse harem or erotica).  However, I am open to other genres!

If your book does not fit into any of explicitly listed genres, please contact me to see if I will accept it.


Learn more on how I rate and review books. 


I accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, Amazon gift cards, or Buy Me a Coffee.  For privacy, I will not disclose any further details until we start a formal discussion.  If none of these options work for you, please reach out to discuss other possible options.


Contact me, and I'll help you as best as I can!

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