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Meara Giveaway EXTENDED!

» The Meara Giveaway Deadline is being extended to Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 11:59p EDT.

AWAM is proud to be partnering with author Anya Wylde to give away one (1) free ebook copy of her newest release: the contemporary fantasy romance, Meara!

Meara was released May 31, 2022.


"A whisper of someone like her being born has been discussed for aeons by the gods. The question is, who is she, and where is she?

"Meara lives an ordinary life with her eccentric grandmother and three siblings in a small Georgian house in Dublin. On her eighteenth birthday, her little sister is kidnapped by an incredibly powerful man, and her entire world turns upside down.

Long hidden family secrets tumble out, and supernatural beings suddenly surround her. However, she thinks she is a side character, the hero's friend, and the heroine's sister. After all, her nature is more girl-next-door than a tortured soul with ninja fighting skills.

"Her only desire is to get her sister back and keep her safe but to do so; she must battle dangerous beings and reign in her treacherous heart which has begun to beat for her family's sworn enemy, a gorgeous demigod."

How to Enter

Complete a set of tasks to earn entries into the giveaway! The only task you MUST complete is the Google Form, acknowledging that you completed the tasks you claim to have completed. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you can earn.

The deadline to enter is now Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT)! The winner will be announced within a week, giving us time to confirm all entries.

Winners will chosen at random. Based on the number of entries, your name will be thrown into a metaphorical hat, and one (1) name will be chosen at random.

How to Earn Entries
  1. Visit AWAM. (+1)

  2. Subscribe to AWAM. (+2)

  3. Refer friends to subscribe. (+3 per confirmed subscription)

  4. Check out Anya Wylde on Instagram. (+1)

  5. Follow her on Instagram. (+2)

  6. Refer friends to follow. (+3 per confirmed follow)

  7. MANDATORY!! Fill out the Google Form. (+1)

You can get a FREE entry, just by filling out the Google Form!

Enter today!

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