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SPOTLIGHT: M. G. Hernandez

M.G. Hernandez is currently based in Honolulu, but spent her developing years in Bay Area, California. She has her bachelors in social welfare from University of California, Berkeley and a masters in social work from University of Hawaii, Manoa. Her passion for advocacy and the community led to her lifelong journey as a social worker. It’s this career path that made her fully aware of the human condition, its strength and resilience in the face of adversity. These qualities are often found in the characters she creates in her work.

If she’s not reading novels or dreaming about plots to write, she’s hanging out with her beach-loving husband, two amazing teenage sons and three grumpy guinea pigs.

M.G. Hernandez has written two books as part of the Wakefield Chronicles trilogy: The Night Orchid (Book 1) and The Followers of the Owl (Book 2). Book 3 will be available on September 1, 2023.

Follow her on her social media platforms.

Instagram: @m.g.h.writes

Twitter: @Mghernandez110

You may also follow her on her official website:

Get M. G. Hernandez's Books!

B&N (The Night Orchid, only)

**NOTE: These are NOT affiliate links. Should affiliate links be put in, updates will be made accordingly.

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