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The Silver Sail Review

The Silver Sail

The Coseema Saga, #2

Bridgette Dutta Portman

Released May 3, 2022


3.5 stars!

Okay, so it's not as bad as The Twin Stars, but still . . . it's been just over a month since I finished The Silver Sail. Although my memory may be a tad bit spotty, I'm hoping my review will still be good!

While I didn't much enjoy TTS, I enjoyed TSS much more. It still was a bit slow for my taste, and I still didn't like Olive that much.

Nonetheless, TSS was still better. Once again, though, I think the issues were really just "me issues," especially since, like TTS, TSS checked all the boxes of a great YA fantasy.

World Building ~ 9/10

Just like in TTS, the world building was just as strong! Once again, the world was descriptive and vivid, and the different planets and **SPOILER REDACTED** were really interesting! I still think the idea of the portal into another universe is well done.

Characters ~ 7/10

Once again, I liked both Jambol and Nestra. Zeph is still my favorite, and he was just so comedic. I still don't like Burnash, but I wonder if he's going to get a redemption arc. If he does, though, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I really hate Coseema though.

While I didn't like Olive in TTS, she wasn't as bad in TSS. I still couldn't really relate to her, but I found her more likable in this one. Perhaps because I liked Olive more, I like TSS more.

Plot ~ 6/10

The plot, although still rather slow, wasn't that bad. I like what happened in TSS, and I think the overall plot development (and also character development) was really good! The journey Olive and her friends take to free the universe from Burnash's and Coseema's tyranny.

Again, I would have liked the plot to a bit faster, but the pacing was much better in TSS than it was in TTS.

Relationships ~ 8/10

There were a couple romantic relationships, but they were all pretty insignificant. I think that if the romance was supposed to be there, it needs more work. Otherwise, though, what is there is fine; I'm rather neutral about it.

Just like in TTS, I thoroughly enjoyed Jambol's relationship with Nestra; TSS just made me love them more. The frienships within the gang were also so much more interesting, especially those **SPOILER REDACTED**. Overall, I'd say the friendships were pretty much spot on!

Prose & Pacing ~ 6.5/10

The prose itself is again great. BDP's writing style continues to be great, and I really feel like it's even improved since TTS! However, her pacing is still rather slow. While it's not as slow as it was in TTS, it's still frustratingly slow. However, it sped up around the ~60% mark, so I could justify a slightly higher rating. I'm very interested in seeing where it goes from here.


Overall, TSS was another great installment in the Coseema Saga. It's definitely improved from the first book, and I truly am interested in seeing what happens next. I believe the next book is the last in the series, so I'm excited to see how BDP concludes the series. While I'm not fully invested in this series as I wish I'd be, I think the series continues to have excellent potential.

Once again, if YA portal fantasy is your thing, I'd highly recommend trying out the series. Apparently it's not really my thing, so take that into account when you look at my rating. You just may like it! :)

3.5 stars!

Major thanks to the author for the free eARC, in exchange for an honest review


Full review posted to Goodreads


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