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An Introduction to Ethics & Book Reviews

ethics of book reviews

Welcome back to Adventures with Asia Minor! It certainly has been quite some time since I've lasted posted. 🫣😅 Let it be known for any of my authors, I haven't been able to read much — thanks college :\ — but I will definitely be using my winter break to catch up on as many as I can! :)

Anyway, college! Yeah, so college has definitely been a ton of work, but I do like it! One of the classes I took this past semester was about the relationship between faith and science. Though it wasn't one of my favorite classes, it was definitely an interesting class! (Yes, my professor will be reading this post, but no, that's not a lie.)

I bet you're wondering what "faith and science" has the heck to do with books. Allow me to explain. But first, more background!

For our final project, we had to pick a topic that had some connection to religion and science. I quote the assignment description:

The research project is designed to be a cumulative project in which you explore an aspect of religion and science that is of specific interest to you. Your topic must be related to religion and science in some way—luckily, lots of things can be related to religion and science. The topic and medium of this project are entirely up to you.

So yeah, I just had to find a topic of interest and explain its connections to both religion and science. Luckily for me, we had discussed in class how ethics relates to both religion and science.

Are you starting to see how faith and science relate to books?

Maybe you have, but maybe you haven't yet. Allow me to explain further.

Since I could pick any medium, I chose to write a series of blogs. Shout out to Dr. GC for the idea because a formal essay just would not have been as fun. 🤪

These next few blogs will discuss the ethics of reviewing books. I understand that I do review books, and I also understand that I work closely with many authors. However, I am not here to bash reviewing books or soliciting reviews. Rather, I am simply going to analyze the "code of ethics" that reviewers should follow. I will also be analyzing the "code of ethics" that authors should follow. In both of these cases, I will list some potential conflicts of interests both parties face.

Much of the analysis will be based on my experiences. However, I will also supplement my analyses with secondary experiences, as well as a few scholarly sources. Since it seems that there are very few scholarly sources from within the past 5 or so years, all three were published over 7 years ago. However, I encourage you to check them out! I'll provide the references to the scholarly sources at the end. ;)

Ultimately, I just want to explore the ethics of book reviewing. It's something that interests me, so I hope you like this series too!

The Ethics of Book Reviews

I've decided to name this series "The Ethics of Book Reviews." It's not very creative, but it does the job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This post serves as the first of 5. Here is a list of the other posts in the series:

These posts are best read in order, as they do follow a logical progression as if it were an essay. As always, if you have questions, go ahead and comment below. Let's start a discussion in the comments too! If that doesn't float your boat, you can always use my contact page or email me directly at!

Hope you enjoy! See ya in the next post!


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