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16 January 2023 Book Haul!

It's another book!

I was out doing errands, and I went into this one store and saw some books. Of course, knowing me, I had to check them out. Although the book selection wasn't all that great, I did find one book!

Recently, I got a dog, and this book entirely piqued my interests. I've always known dogs were incredibly intelligent, but to read the description about this genius pup immediately grabbed my attention. See, Chaser here knows the words of over a thousand different toys by THEIR PROPER NAMES — not just what the toy is but what it's named! Plus, she apparently learned "sentences with multiple elements of grammar" according to the book description.

I think that's just incredible, and I had to get this book! Originally, I was going to gift the book to another dog–lover, but after flipping to a random page and reading it, I knew that I would have to read it first.

This is probably one of the first memoirs/nonfiction novels I've willingly picked up in a really long time, but I'm actually genuinely excited to read it! Not sure when I'll have time to, given my increasingly large TBR, but I'm really excited to! When I do, be on the look out for a review on my Goodreads page!

Get the book!

Interested in the book? Get it, as well as all the other books I get in 2023, on my 2023 Book Haul list on Bookshop!

**Note: I am an affiliate of Bookshop, so I will earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you buy through Bookshop. Bookshop is dedicated to supporting local and indie bookstores. Learn more.

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