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29 December 2022 Book Haul!

Digital Credits + Another Kindle Rewards Promo = Yet Another Recipe for Disaster

So, Kindle Rewards was running another promo (200 kindle points if you spend $10), and of course, my luck, I had a digital credit for choosing no–rush shipping. So obviously, I was going to buy more books.

This time, I decided to get Belladonna by Adalyn Grace to spend my $10. I picked Belladonna since a fellow book friend of mine, Isabelle Reads (Lemon Crown Books, @theisabellereads), highly reviewed it and tagged me in her Instagram review post.

I already had over 100 kindle points, so after the promo I now had over 300 points, which gave me another $3 credit. I spent it — no surprise there.

I love supporting indie authors, and I had come across Casey L. Bond (@authorcaseybond) and Where Oceans Burn on Instagram a while back. Where Oceans Burn had sounded really interesting, so I had added it to my neverending TBR on Goodreads — also to no one's surprise! XD

And so, since Where Oceans Burn wasn't too expensive after the credit (hey, I can be frugal sometimes!), I decided to try it out! Fingers crossed for something really interesting! 🤞 :)

Get these books!

If any of these books sound interesting to you, support small business and buy the books via Bookshop! You can find these two books on my Bookshop page:

**Note: I am an affiliate of Bookshop, so I will earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you buy through Bookshop. Bookshop is dedicated to supporting local and indie bookstores. Learn more.

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