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Event Line Up | Indie Author Day 2022

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

It's just about time for Indie Author Day, and if you've been checking recently, there's been a lot coming from AWAM the past couple weeks. Most of it has been coming from my Instagram, but in case you haven't been following me there, I'll detail some of the stuff here!

Author Spotlights

AWAM put the spotlight on three indie authors. Check out their spotlight posts below:

Spotlight Interviews

After their spotlights were posted, I "sat down" with the same three indie authors to chat about their experiences and what got them into writing. Check out their spotlight interviews below:

Inside Being An Indie Author: A Collaborative Interview

In addition to their spotlight interviews, I collaborated with the indie authors to bring you three similar yet still different views on being an indie author.

Guest Blogs

We had an array of guest bloggers, so do go check out all the guest posts below!

Fast Five ~ C.E. Ord

Worldbuilding for Fantasy Authors ~ Bridgette Dutta Portman

Tier Ranking Recent Indie Reads

This special blog is a tier ranking of all my recent indie reads! If you're looking for some epic indie reads, you will not want to miss this post!

This post has not been published yet, but the link will drop here once live!

~EDIT: 17 December 2022~

Apologies for such a long delay! My tier ranking has now been published, which you can find here:

Author Interview Event

It's the 2nd Annual Author Interview Event!

Last year, as moderator of the Goodreads group Book Nerds Unite, we hosted a handful of authors, allowing BNU members to interview to them.

This year, we bring together a bunch of indie authors for you to interview! All you have to do is join BNU and participate!


To end the IAD celebrations, I am also hosting four giveaways, available only to AIE participants!

For details on the giveaway, check out this informative post!


» Indie Author Day is Friday, November 4, and Saturday, November 5!

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