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Website Changes

Hello all!

I'm not sure how many of you actually visit AWAM and/or read my blog reviews, but I've decided to update my website a bit.

Here is a summary of what I plan to do:

  • Expand topics outside of just books. I'm hoping to branch out to movies, shows, musics, etc. Do I know what exactly I'm going to do? No, not yet. But I'm so excited to see what's next!

  • Post more often! Now that I can post about a different topics, I might be able to post a lot more!

  • Open an Amazon Associates Account. As long as I can post more often, I can do this. Plus, if I can make some money referring you to the best books ever, it's a win–win for both of us! (Remember, I'm a poor college student! 😂 )

  • Start doing Writing Workshops! Sometime in the not–too–distant future, I'd like to start posting case study blogs as a means of giving writing advice. Understand that, while I'm not a writer, I have a good idea of what readers want and enjoy. Eventually, I'm hoping to host actual workshops with one–on–one feedback.

  • Go social! I'm already on Pinterest (@booknerd117) and Goodreads (@booknerd117), and that's all I really plan to do, social media wise. However, I'd like to post to Pinterest more! Specifically, I'd be sharing the blog posts there.

  • Start sending out email campaigns. I'm hoping that these will help to increase awareness of (and also traffic to) AWAM.

Have any feedback? Comment below!

Happy Reading!

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